Join the HERD

The HERD Lab is an international group that thrives on collaboration, team-work, collegiality, and mentorship. We are passionate about combining hands-on learning and discovery with a dedication to strong fundamentals. The group provides access to cutting edge research, and seeks to equip students with the knowledge and tools to develop their own research and careers.

If you want to be part of a fun, close-knit group of curious scientists, if you are passionate about sustainability, energy, the environment, if you are curious about the social and political implications of these subjects on our modern society–check out our research opportunities below!

Graduate Student Researcher Openings

Ph.D. position in renewable liquid hydrogen and hydrogen-carriers

Develop process integration and techno-economics for modular hydrogen production, liquefaction, and storage. Analysis of electrochemical compression and refrigeration, as well as PEM electrolysis connected with distributed renewable energy sources.


Position in proton conducting ceramics for electrochemical hydrogen production and separation

Manufacture small scale planar proton conducting solid oxide cells and stacks. Testing and electrochemical performance characterization of low-temperature (<600°C) steam electrolysis and hydrogen separation membranes.


Other opportunities

We are always interested in brainstorming ideas to pursue graduate fellowships like the followings: